On Not Giving a Sh*t about BJJ: Don’t Judge

Arguably, I have allowed BJJ to influence my life choices more than I have allowed any other single person, circumstance, or thing besides my family of origin. BJJ has mattered to me for many years, frequently to the exclusion or modification of many other life experiences. I remember times when I knew I wasn’t going to be able to train for two whole days, and I practically broke out in hives about it. I pride myself on being punctual, on respecting others’ time as much as I do my own, and yet, at times I have allowed BJJ to turn me into one of those people who makes others wait. I’m not as guilty of it as some people I know, but as someone for whom being on time equates to being late, the fact that I make anybody wait at all should tell you something about the significance BJJ has assumed in my life.

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