Ask a Black Belt: Too Much of a Good Thing

Dear Ask a Black Belt,

I have a question for you…though it’s one you’ve addressed somewhat before. How many hours a week do you typically train? How do you know if you’re overtraining? What do you do to supplement your training (e.g. getting a massage, visiting a chiropractor, strength and conditioning classes, lots of sleep and watching Law & Order reruns, etc). The reason I’m asking is that I’m pretty sure I’ve been spreading myself a little thin, and I believe that might have contributed to keeping me off the mat for a couple of weeks with an epic sinus infection that was so legit it would not quit. Also, my teammates keep approaching me to train one-on-one during open mat times, and my inclination is to always say yes, though I might be better off resting, even if that means disappointing people..

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