Jason Vasquez

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I was privileged to be one of the attendees to Groundswell Grappling Concepts (GGC) first Coed Grappling Camp, held at Princeton BJJ on May 3-4, 2014. GGC hold primarily women’s grappling camps for the BJJ community to gather female practitioners from around the world to provide an environment conducive to learning and enjoying brazilian jiu jitsu. The founders of GGC figured it was time to include the men of jiu jitsu. We had an almost equal ratio of women to men with a broad range of experience, abilities, sizes, and ages. We went over some techniques, rolled, had nutrition and PT worships, and had group discussions which included owning your own training, in order to give yourself a positive experience when you train. This open group discussion was not only helpful for women training with men and vice versa, but also for men training with men or women training with women I felt, as we all came from different backgrounds and have primarily good training partners but all had some experience where a training experience with a partner was less than favorable and it was good to share our ideas on the topic to “own your training”.

Overall, the instruction and insight from the camp hosts were top notch, and the practitioners who had attended provided a great two days of doing what we all gathered to do and that’s share our jiu jitsu with one another. Hopefully this first group of men to attend GGC’s first coed camp left a favorable impression to warrant GGC holding future coed camps.